Your First Visit with Matt and Leslie

So what is going to happen that first day?

Following the completion of your paperwork, you will meet your therapist and spend some time getting to know one another. During this time the therapist will be also observing how you sit, breathe, rest in your physical body, and your understanding of your current challenges.

Once that is complete, based on those observations the therapist will begin the evaluation and education process, inviting you to notice aspects about how you sit, stand, walk, breathe, and move in bunch of hastely done tests and measurements leaving you to wonder, "Is that important?" or "Is this good or bad?". Rather, from the start the two of you work together learning, discovering and problem solving together. You are free to ask questions or interject more history that comes to mind through the gentle process of movement and observations.

Once the therapist is satisfied that all issues around safety, screening for other causes of your symptoms, and your abilities for safe participation, she/he will discuss a treatment plan with you and get your consent to move ahead with learning your first new movements and habits. All of these will be slow and gentle, but surprisingly when you finish you will note changes waiting three weeks to catch a change. They will also go over what you are to do until the next wsit giving you instructions and handouts, and answering any other questions.

From there they will take you back to the front desk where you can schedule your remaining visits and have any financial questions answered.

Thank you for your trust in letting us work together with you. We look forward to meeting soon!